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Publishing House


Publishing House Catherine the Great National Institute there since the establishment of our Institute and acts on the basis of permission LR No 030755 from 07.07.97 issued by the State Committee for the Press of the Russian Federation.

• Objectives
• Models
• Publications forms
• Technologies
• Bulletin of Catherine The Great National Institute


• active formation of a positive image, maintaining the prestige, the assertion of the high social, scientific and educational status of the Catherine the Great National Institute;
• support the interests, ideas and goals of the Institute in the field of book publishing, integrated publishing support the Institute’s functioning and development plans;
• incarnation and consolidating the results and aspects of the Institute's publications, presentation of scientific and cultural communities;
• publishing support for the creative, scientific and pedagogical potential of the staff of the Institute;
• cooperation in publishing activities with like aims and objectives of the Institute of state, social, scientific, educational and commercial organizations, agencies, funds and agencies.


• the use of the most effective means, structure and experience of publishing prestigious foreign educational institutions in relation to the national specifics, challenges, opportunities and prospects;
• pre-press preparation of publications (editorial and publishing process, the use of publishing license, placing bulk orders in printing);
• “small” printing activity.

Publications forms

• methodical and educational literature Institute: training complexes, manuals, programs, workshops, galleries, circuits, etc .;
• materials of scientific, educational and socio-political conferences;
• manuals, textbooks for courses given by the author-teachers at the Institute;
• thematic collections of articles on specific topics and disciplines;
• monograph faculty and staff of the Institute;
• Institute Newspaper "Ekaterininka."
• Bulletin of Catherine The Great National Institute


• publisher relies on modern means of self publishing activities implemented at the Institute, including:
• complete hardware and software equipment and software of the publishing industry;
• own "small" modern printing high level for a full, prompt and economically most advantageous support educational and methodical, scientific and publishing activities of the Institute;
• practical training and skills development, and the Institute for publishing in the latest information and publishing technology.

Catherine the Great National Institute issued a scientific journal "Bulletin of Catherine The Great National Institute"